TAG Alliances recently held its Fall 2017 International Conference in Quebec City, Canada. Delegates from law and accounting firms from around the world were in attendance. In addition to strengthening the international relationships with members in the TAG Alliances, the attendees discussed the issues and opportunities stemming from cyber security, artificial intelligence and climate change.

“In Quebec City, we were extremely privileged to have some of the leading international experts on cyber security, artificial intelligence, and climate change to present to our global community,” said Richard Attisha, President & CEO of the TAG Alliances. “Through our keynote sessions and Specialty Group sessions, we acquired knowledge and shared perspectives on how to mitigate risk and also capitalize on these emerging technologies to allow our members to embrace change and generate new opportunities for growth. As an organization, we are determined to stay on the forefront of these important issues that are impacting the future of the global economy and our professions.”

At the conclusion of the conference, attendees participated in an interactive coaching session led by renowned business development coach, Lawrence Kohn of Kohn Communications. The aim of this session was to assist attendees in developing and promoting their “Practices of the Future.” As a result of this session and the conference, member firms were able to explore various opportunities such as joint ventures and joint marketing campaigns to promote their firm’s expertise in emerging technologies, climate change and other practice or industry areas.

Keynote sessions and presenters at this international conference included:

“A C-suite Perspective on the Future of Professional Services in a Dynamic Global Marketplace»

  • Anne Giardini, OC, QC; Chancellor of the Simon Fraser University

“The Black Mirror” The Impact of Technology on the Legal and Accounting Professions

  • Danielle Janitch; Partner at Osborn Maledon (Arizona, USA – TAGLaw)
  • Anthony Niblett; Co-founder of Blue J Legal
  • Richard Henderson; Global Security Strategist at Absolute Software
  • Chris Cervellera; Executive Director of TAG Alliances

“Data Breach Live”

  • John Farley; Vice President of Risk Services Division at HUB International (Best Friend of TAG)

“Climate Change and Renewable Energy Sources – A ‘Hot’ Topic for the Legal and Accounting Profession”

  • Michael Sippitt; Chairman at Clarkslegal LLP (Reading, England – TAGLaw)
  • Pascal Porlier; Partner at Cain Lamarre; (Quebec, Canada – TAGLaw)
  • Anne Giardini, OC, QC; Chancellor of the Simon Fraser University

“Promoting Your Practice of the Future”

  • Lawrence Kohn; Founder of Kohn Communications

EsRoBross – TIAG International

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