Our Firm

Experienced Ecuadorian executive partners with strong skills in serving national and multinational companies are part of our board. They are responsible to make sure that our clients receive top-notch services.

EsRoBross is a TIAG member

We are a member of The International Accounting Group, or TIAG® – a worldwide alliance of international accounting firms based in the United States of America.

TIAG is one of the most distinguished groups of independent public accountants in the world, which together with TAGLaw, one of the associations of international law firms of world prestige that are present in 101 countries, with 460 offices and more than 9,500 professionals around the world, provide our clients access to a global network of professionals. The alliance comprises more than 115 independent accounting firms located in 200 offices that span over 70 countries and give our firm global reach.



Increasing international competition, new technologies, regulatory change, and consumer pressure expose the manufacturing industry to a series of challenges, among the most prominent: gaining efficiency in distribution channels and production costs in order to maintain margins; also, investing in product development to support growth, sustainability, profitability and international expansion.

The manufacturing industry is at the core of our Audit, Tax and Legal Services division. We work with some of the leading companies in the industry helping them reduce technological and business risks, increase their competitiveness, and enhance and safeguard value creation.


Telecommunications, Media and Technology:

Given the complexity of this industry, our services are carried out by highly qualified professionals such as tax advisers, engineers, lawyers, technology specialists, auditors, and experts who analyze your company from different perspectives. We place special emphasis on assessing business risks, internal controls, and unusual transactions.

EsRoBross is experienced in collaborating with the main agents in the Telecommunications, Media, and Technology industry.


Real Estate and Construction:

The real estate and construction industry has become one of the main standards of evolution of the Ecuadorian economy in recent years. Being knowledgeable at this industry, at EsRoBross we are prepared to help our clients by offering them a multidisciplinary approach to their business proposals.

By constantly aligning our services with the needs and requirements of our clients, at EsRoBross we can provide continuous support in an ever-changing environment.


Energy and Natural Resources:

In Ecuador, regulatory policy and countless operating models have led to an energy industry that does not allow for easy interpretation. Investments in exploration, extraction and transformation of oil and gas continuously increase every year, which possess new challenges making it essential to have experienced advisors and in-depth knowledge of the industry.

As a top firm, EsRoBross counts with vast experience collaborating with the main agents in the Energy and Natural Resources industry.


Transportation and Logistics:

Increasingly, consumers and companies demand greater speed, security and competitiveness from transport services. As a consequence, the industry is facing undergoing changes that require knowledgeable and experienced advisors.

At EsRoBross we are prepared to help transportation companies in a particularly competitive environment.

Our Methodology

Reasons why we believe that we are the best Firm to successfully carry out the services you require.

  1. An audit process that tests both manual and automated controls with a team formed by experienced professionals and specialists on technology, financial risk management, corporate finance, taxes, forensics, among others. Additionally, our methodology includes audit processes to detect fraud risks.
  2. An audit quality control designed to provide reasonable assurance that, among other aspects, the financial statements of your company comply with applicable international financial reporting standards, international accounting standards and the required relevant regulations.
  3. Our professional practice includes:
    – Confidentiality rules and handling of privileged information.
    – Rules and policies on the treatment of irregularities, anomalies or crimes that EsRoBross detects in the development of an audit.
    – Professional skepticism
    – Independence policies and procedures