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We help our clients achieve better performance by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.

The key component of the audit and assurance service is our approach and our methodology based on the assessment of business risks and control management processes.

Financial Statements Audit

An audit — in accordance with international auditing standards — is an examination designed and performed to obtain reasonable assurance as to whether the financial statements do not contain misstatements or inaccuracies.

An audit includes an examination, which is based on the evidence that supports the amounts and disclosures presented in the financial statements. An audit also assesses the international accounting standards used, and the appropriate estimates given by management. It also contains an evaluation of financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Our professional services include:

– Compliance External Audits.
– Post-Clearance Customs External Audits.
– Public Sector External Audits.
– Consultations on specialized Accounting issues.
– Cost Certification.
– Financial Evaluation of key clients.
– Due diligence service for Business Acquisitions.
– Valuation of Shares.
– Internal and Systems Audit.
– Review of Business Fraud.
– Audit for Business and Economic Loss.

We are aligned with cutting-edge technology that allows us the best tools to provide an excellent professional service to our clients.

– ERB Audit: Audit software developed by EsRoBross that helps us improve our ability to focus on risk areas.
– ERB Analytics: Data analysis and visualization tools developed by EsRoBross, a methodology that allows us to verify the entire flow of the expense disbursement process, from registration to cash out, as well as carry out a risk analysis and trend analysis at main transactions and unusual item detection.
– Dropbox technology: We use technology that allows us to store and synchronize online files and share digital folders.


Our Rates

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Tax, Legal and Corporate Advice

Innovative strategies to minimize tax impacts:

– We develop innovative tax strategies to minimize tax impacts, VAT claims, corporate tax planning, Draw Back, lawsuits and tax claims.

– Through our global network, TAGLaw, one of the associations of international law firms of world prestige present in 101 countries, with 460 offices and more than 9,500 professionals around the world, EsRoBross provides international tax and legal advice. We are qualified to representing foreign companies and provide assistance and information on tax regimes in any country of the world.

– We work to help your company optimize capital costs and minimize risks through our treasury management service and financial asset management service.

– We advise on matters related to social security, workers’ compensation settlement, employee pension plans and other economic issues under labor law.

– We work on company constitution, capital increase, statute reforms, company mergers, company dissolution, corporate spin-off, trademark registration, among other corporate and legal issues.

Transfer Price Report

Ecuador has enacted laws to regulate transfer pricing, which is used in transactions between related companies or parties.

Currently, all regulations on the subject are based on the guidelines of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development which includes an international widely accepted methodology to verify transfer prices.

Based on this legal framework, taxpayers included in said regulations are required to present an annex and a comprehensive transfer price report in addition to the annual income tax return. This document must contain details of the transactions carried out between related parties that involve technical, economic, financial and commercial analysis of transfer prices.

We can help you in the preparation of the comprehensive transfer price report, the annex and its compliance with the Arm’s Length Principle in all transactions that your company carries out with related parties, applying the method and the database that best supports these transactions. Likewise, there is also the possibility to submit inquiries to the tax administration to establish a methodology to be applied.

Business Consulting Services

Current and specialized techniques

Our business consulting service team can give you access to a world of experiences and insights gained from our relationship with successful clients.

We have the knowledge, experience and tools to help you achieve your business goals through current and specialized techniques such as:

– Strategic Planning
– Performance measurement
– Internal Controls Assurance and Review
– Organizational design
– Evaluation of Methods and Procedures
– Comprehensive Cost Reduction Program
– Information Systems Review

Financial Advisory Outsourcing

Financial advice, economic advice, and strategic solutions

EsRoBross provides financial advice, economic advice, and strategic solutions to companies facing complex problems. Our team has worked with leading companies undergoing reorganization, mergers or acquisitions. The Business Recovery Services team advises and implements recommendations to restore companies to their regular shape.

Comprehensive Training

Design, promote, and provide knowledge, skills, and abilities

Our goal is to design, promote, and provide knowledge, skills, and abilities to face the new challenges of a globalized world with unlimited opportunities.

Gain credibility among your staff by implementing professional training programs to help you achieve greater loyalty and cohesion towards business understanding. Invest your resources according to your capacity and urgency.

EsRoBross – TIAG International offers a wide variety of training courses, seminars and workshops.

Our portfolio comprises:
– Strategic management
– Budget Administration
– Internal control
– Balance Scorecard
– Impact of IFRS on the Financial Statements
– Tax Audit
– Tax Update
– Transfer Prices